I demand my own hard limit be violated

What a night. I’m sharing here as I know the husband is going to read this and get a mixture of shy embarrassment and smug pride.

I’m a bit nocturnal, and I still wasn’t asleep by 2 am so I woke him with a wank. He protested a little about the time of night and complained he had work yawn. I ignored that, suggested he mans-up a bit and screw me.

He’s still on his back so I got on him and fucked a bit rough, almost punching him with my arse checks and legs each time I thrust my body down on him. He responded well, by slapping me and then abusing my tits whilst I carried on. I’m not the physically fittest person, and my injured leg stopped play. We carried on in various forms of sex. A bit of doggy style, up my arsehole first and then deep in my pussy, holding my hair and pulling me back so sharply. That was hot, and I figured that was worth some payback.

Without telling him I just pulled away, his face was like “what did I do wrong now?” Before he noticed what I was doing, I was turning around. Still on my knees I sucked his very erect cock and fondle his arse. I pretty much begged for him to piss inside me, but he wouldn’t. To be fair that’s a newish request.¬†No is allowed, but I don’t like being told no. Not by him.

A few more positions and a talk as we have a short break (more like an interrogation from me). I go down on him again and as I’m still excited shove my hand up myself. I get a bit selfish, but was still sucking. After he came I told him what I was doing and I think he’s eyes lit up. We end up in a T shape, with me sideways across the bed and my lady garden towards his body.

I demand he hand fucks me, and I suck on his fingers. I’m already pretty hyper and had lost count of the number of orgasms he’d given me. Sod it I think… “fist me. Make me your hand puppet” I tell him. This is something I’ve not done before, nor had he. Nice cold lube on his hand, he does as he’s told.

It aches and feels bizarre as the pressure builds as he tries to force¬†his hand inside me. Ramming it hard, but not succeeding… then it just slips in. A feeling of relief goes over me, I’m not broken, I’m not screaming in pain. I was whimpering though, and there were tears in my eyes, but this is still consentual, I’d not given the game over instruction, or safe words. Once he was in OH MY FUCKING GOD! The feeling is immense, so full, and nothing like just a big toy. His fingers are fidgety inside me, almost tickling me inside my vagina. He’s not just moving his fingers, he’s moving his arm in and out with some gusto. The girth on his arms…. The entrance to my cunt is stretched so wide as his wide arm pumps in and out.

Mind goes blank, if he’d asked me what my name was I doubt I’d even know. Utterly Sexually zoned out. Another orgasm, shaking like I was shivering, this time resulting in female ejectulation. It remained there until he pulled his hand out of me…. he was much less considerate pulling out, the bastard. Still not a nasty pain though and then the bed gets wet as his fist had been acting like a plug. He goes back to just fingering me
No good now love, I want fucking not foreplay at this point.

He goes back to wearing me as a glove. Jesus, the squelching noises, nice. He puts his other hand near my butt and I wiggle to say go on then, both holes occupied. I still want more and try to move from the T shape and manage to wiggle to a 69 to give him some gratitude. He pretty much stops moving inside me, not sure if it was just because he was enjoying me deep throating him or if he was being deliberately mean. But I wasn’t done yet, I thrust myself up and down, ramming his arm and hand far inside me. It hurts as I get carried away but I’m too hot to care.

He shoots his load all over my tonsils and I swallow of course. We’ve reached a natural end of play, then he says ‘bathroom NOW”. Watersports, that’s one of his limits so hell yeah, I run to the bath and sit down ready to receive. Small disappointment as his little chap has gone shy, and refuses to perform with my face looking at it. Fair enough that it’s given up… we were busy for about 3 hours. I don’t resent him this little failure. I’m more impressed that he was willing and tried.

So we have our morning showers as by now it is dawn. He’s a good bloke, he went downstairs and made me a cooked breakfast and coffee.

I bully him playfully about his sleep deprevation, and off he goes to work. I’m still naked in bed. Is it sleep time now?

Thank you husband. You still surprise me and excite me.

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