I’ve not writen for a few days

The last few days have been a bit busy.

As I type this though I am sat on a pingpong table in a kids park watching my family play. I don’t fit in with the frumpily dressed mummies, wearing at figure flattering red dress, a black faux fur coat, black lace tights and black heels finished with vivid red lippy.

We travelled to France for hollibobs, and the husband and I have been treating it like a honeymoon. At it like bunnies, you know, if bunnies had learnt to spank. That’s right folks, we’re newlyweds. On the way here I was a pantless passenger – then I was a tad worried at the french border in case our car got a full search. Also the adult toys in our suitcases!

But I got a bit more cheeky, feet on the dashboard, still minus underwear. I was giggling quietly as other road users noticed. The kids didn’t notice so it’s all good.

After a long day travelling (up from 5am) we went for a sunset stroll along the beach, but we were all shivering from the ocean wind. My first thought is what a prefect beach to make love on… no nearby houses so I could introduce husband to the joys of outside. I love nearly getting caught. Slight downside is it is pitch black at night here and we’d have to walk though woodland to get there. That is an issue for me, but we take this walk anyway. Sadly there was a group of studenty people sat on the sand dunes watching us so husband bottled it slightly.

Instead we have a few very honest chats about my past. Even after 15 years it seems there are things I hadn’t said. Recently you see I’ve made a request I might regret, we might regret. But I like to own my fears, I like to turn negatives into fun. Like skydiving, who’d have thought shy little me would jump out of a plane? But I hate heights, the phobia used to control me – now I just say firmly in my head “you can swim in clouds love, you’ve got this… it’s not that high” and I want this in other parts of my mind. In the dark phobic places. I don’t want to elaborate.

To be continued… but for now I want a shower.

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