Orgasm denial

Last night I got no sleep, I was up all night and then couldn’t sleep when he left. Kinky slut that I am lately, I just needed more. Too many fistings, too much sexual desire, too violent. I hurt. I am sore. I am bruised in pervy places.
Odd as it might sound I don’t climax alone normally, these urges aren’t going to disappear with a wank. I can’t sleep. My only option is a bath, hot as hell and loaded with lavender. If I can’t get off, I need to relax.

I’m home alone as my husband has gone to the gym, and he quickly popped back home to change into lycra before going on with a gym buddy for a bike ride. Whilst he’s home I try to drag him into my bath – he smirks and refuses, but I made him shave my legs first. I’m there laying flat in the bath, one leg straight up in the air, resting on his chest. Why should I do anything when he’s here?

Whilst he was out he was talking to his friend. A kinkster himself. I shouldn’t have been a bitch and messaged husband and the friend together the other day. They knew I identify as Switch, but recently I’ve been very much top dog. Do as I say, and fucking say thank you for it too. I had my husband in the palm of my hand, giving me pretty much whatever I want, or demand.

His buddy suggested I needed reminding my place, that we are meant to be equal. But that is an assumption – I chose to identify as Switch because it is the nearest to how I feel. But to quote Orwell, “some are more equal than others” and I like it this way. Switch with a Brat edge, I’m not always going to behave as expected. I might be Dominant and submissive in the same bedroom session. That’s just me.

Today though his buddy taught him a game he’d not thought of. That he didn’t dare. It was mean and a surprise, but hot as hell in another way. In a way I did need this, but I like winning in bed! I was being selfish but husband enjoys making me whimper, shake and have fun so he was getting a kick too.

He was taught denial of orgasm. The little bastard had me straight from my bath, I thought I’d seduced him, but he had the power today. He was playing with me, teasing me, way past foreplay. He got me right to the edge then stopped and said forcefully that I don’t get to cum, I don’t get to be happy this time. He’d been fucking hard, passionately and attentively. I was loving it, then he drops this trick in. Nooooo I was teetering on the edge, this was cruel.
Hot and sweaty, covered in my own excitement where he’d rubbed his hands on me, I shouted the mates name. I knew that this wasn’t husband’s own idea.

A fucked up mixture of anger and extreme arousal, and I warn my bitch of a husband that if he does this again he’ll regret it. He of course takes it as a dare, so he got a punch to his shoulder and clawed wherever my fingernails could grab. It’s been a while since I called out a name in bed that wasn’t my partner’s, so well done fellow kinkster. You know who you are!

I got a nice flogging, but he wouldn’t finish me off sexually, so I sent his friend a slightly angry message. Sorry (but kinda your own fault dude).

We had to go out, family stuff. Vanilla as hell, but I kept saying inappropriate things on purpose, it was veiled but he knew. I think some strangers nearby did too but I don’t really give a shit. Yup, Brat is out. That bloke knew for sure we were talking in our own code, but I doubt he fully understood.

Sexually frustrated all day, after such a good night too. One thing is for sure, I’ll be sleeping like a log tonight. Draped over my husband, the bitch that learnt to deny me.

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