Launch competition – cheap thrills

Roll up, Roll up! Blog kinky has now officially launched. As you can tell, if you take a peek at the dates, I’ve been writing a little while now. I only made the blog public in the last week or so, so I’m calling it new. Humour me?

So, to encourage you kinky lot to read my older posts, and to follow me and read newer ones, I’m bribing you!
Prizes, a launch competition, AKA free shite. Come on, you know you wanna enter? So what am I trying to bribe you with?

Launch prizes

Basically I went to my local sexy shop, which happens to be Ann Summers, and bought a few bits. They love me in that shop!

A breakfast in bed kit (flavoured lube, a suggestive menu, blindfold, rose petals). Loads of condoms in a small size. A moustache shaped vibrating cock ring. a set of thumbs cuffs (could also be used as a key ring). A set of cock, tit and pussy rubs which are meant to intensify orgasms.

Blog Kinky launch giveaway

It’s taken balls to write honestly about my sex and kink so far, and a bit of reader interaction would be kick-arse. What would you like to read more of?