My first “scene” events

Last night I went to my local vanilla meeting, just friends in a pub with the occasional bondage comment thrown in. Cosy, although I would have preferred to sit on the sofas not hard wooden chairs, but I am fussy.

The night before I went to SWAMP in Bristol alone. This is a BDSM play event. I was feeling every emotion on the way in, confident but shy, terrified but excited. I had never been to anything like this, ever.

After a while feeling awkward a small group gathered around me, they had realised that I was nervous and were drawn to me. Half of me had alarm bells, these might be predatory advances, looking for a victim. Hand into my bag, Yale key held in my palm with the spike through my fingers, just in case I need to punch someone away. I need not have worried, these were gentlemen. No one touched without permission, spoken or implied. For example, “can I stroke you hair” or a wink and a glance.

A chap had handcuffs, that was amusing. A few men had gathered near the table I was sat at and I cuffed two strangers together and hid the keys in my bra until they begged. Then a younger man got nosey about the cuffs. I’m not sure he’d ever seen hinged cuffs because he put them both on…. on the same wrist… with the key holes facing inwards. *Facepalm* I tried to be nice, I went in search of a coat hanger to force the lock, but it didn’t work and I fell apart laughing. I did try to help, honest, but then naughty won and I twisted the cuffs a bit. I guess it was over half an hour he was trapped, poor thing. When he was free I grabbed his wrist and asked if he’d learnt his lesson whilst giving him a Chinese burn. Sorry!

Things I also enjoyed were trying to learn contact juggling (that thing Bowie does in Labyrinth), being tied up, some gorgeous scenery and making new friends. It was wonderful just being able to be myself, and not hide the kink.