Get on that bed and spreader ’em

For a long while I had been intrigued by the thought of spreaders bars, but it was only very recently Husband bought a set.

I wanted cold hard steel, but I couldn’t find what I really wanted. I sulked a bit, and Husband hit Trussed when he was alone to buy a wooden set.

Image from
A whole lot of wood.

It was a suprise gift. One of those “do you trust me Wife?” situations. I was ordered to bed and on went the cuffs, and he arranged me as he wanted and clipped my various cuffs to the bars. It started out as a gentle impact play session but soon got a bit rougher.
I could move, but it was belly crawling only. As I tried to escape like and ungrateful caterpillar he lifted my lower body off our bed using the bars. Hot, hot as feck. Oh, I like this new game.

As I’m restrained, yet not totally immobile, Husband started some orgasm torture. The idea of very long orgasms might sound super-duper but there is a limit to what is comfortable. I always end up begging for him to get inside me. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but when my lover cums inside me it is like a massive release. Without the happy ending I’m left on the edge, irritated and a bit miffed.

Image from Trussed UK
Lots of ways to attach your S type to these bars.

It was odd, being able to move but not well. To roll over is nearly impossible in some configurations, and as you can see from the above image there are a few ways to tie your partner down. I was surprised how hard I could struggle, to fidget and wiggle. I likey, not so much for sex but hell yes for sensation play, buzzy toys and impact.

It was sold as a set of 4 bars, 2 shorter and 2 long. The kit came with 4 clips, but Husband bought extra carabiner clips so there are more options for which limb he clips where! You could also use these bars with rope, chain or metal handcuffs. The bars sit neatly beside our bed headboard, hardly noticable. This is good that they are small and easy to store because Husband searching for toys in the tool bag is a bit of a turn off. I like not knowing what he is plotting until he does it.

If you don’t have spreaders yet, chop chop. Trussed UK

Am I offering or demanding?

I thought I was offering myself to you, Husband. I came downstairs in a sheer lace nightie, so short my white lace pants were on show. I was all cuffed and I had even put a lead on.

I went in to the kitchen, chains rattling as I walked. I washed up, in full view of nosey neighbours and I made you a cuppa, because, well, we are British and I wasn’t planning on sleeping soon.

As I bent down, I gave him the cuppa and point out I’m HIS. Implying strongly I want to be used. He looks at me and says “Are you asking or demanding?” Then he carries on reading! Ouch! It was an offer, almost naked – just enough fabric so I don’t shiver but all the access still. Collar, wrist and ankle cuffs all with D loops to tie me or drag me easily. I think even a vanilla bloke with a pulse would go for that kind of offer from their partner.

I offered myself to you, without conditions or exclusions, my body and mind placed in your hands Husband. Yes, okay, I wanted fucking eventually, but my main gift was being a willing victim. A bit over willing.

Without warning a few minutes later you say “I’m going upstairs. When I come back I expect you to have moved the furniture“. We have a leather foot stool, it’s rather large and it’s our spanking bench hidden in plain sight. I turn on a Motorhead CD to disguise noise a teeny bit and to make a nice mood.
“Now to see how much you trust me Wife” he says as he is in the last few steps down stairs. As he walks I recognise a few things, rope, floggers and the big blindfold. “KNEEL!

Where Dear, isn’t not a clear instruction?” He didn’t seem mega impressed, and I was directed to my knees at the bench. The blindfold was tied on, rather fucking tightly too. Face down in the leather, I feel rope pass my wrists, he runs rope between my ankles and wrists, using the cuffs, this prevents me from full movement but still keeps me down.

Several toys struck my arse, and his hands. Spanking me with spiked gloves and then massaging me with the vamp gloves I crafted for him. I’m not sure wether to scream safe words all over the place or just cum hard. I’m guessing I chose the later as I kind of spaced out in happy pain, and bit of almost primal sighs and noises. I was genuinely dribbling into the leather… I’ve no idea how long I was face down but I know there was blood. Gawd I love it when I feel tiny drips of blood roll across my hot flesh.

He pulls my ropes to make me stand, “follow me Wife” the ropes are still on my wrists and he escorts me to the stairs. He says “open your mouth” and makes me carry my pants in my mouth. I’m still totally blind and follow him up the steps… I’m trying to count my steps so I don’t fall or rebreak any bones in my feet. He kindly informs me when I’m on the last step though. Into the bedroom we go. “Lie down” so I lie diagonally across the bed “WIFE! You know that is wrong” so I mumble a bit and lay in the centre of our bed, head on the pillows, face side up. The ropes get removed but I’m not allowed to touch him yet.

He kissed me and his wandering hands send me into a few orgasms. Infact he plays so damn well the duvet becomes wet. Holding me in a big, full body shaking orgasm for what felt like hours. I desperately want fucking, hard.

Husband says “if you want fucking, pick a hole” so I flip around and go down on him. My stomach is against his, and I’m moving my whole body up and down on him not just moving my head. I really want his hands inside me, or his face. The idea of his fist going inside me was winding me up, getting more than a bit carried away I stretch his balls and bite his penis. I drop hints, I push down harder if fingers went inside, but the swine just wouldn’t finish me off like that. Instead I’m fingered up the pussy and arse. I swallow for him and we fall asleep in each others arms.

Still the question lingered, am a demanding or offering?