I adulted at Pride

As friends know I was at Pride in my local town this weekend. One of the stalls in the park was a sexual health charity, (https://www.eddystone.org.uk) a very nice bloke on the front had spoken to me earlier in the day so I went back later…. they were offering free testing for HIV and I knew I should.

I’ve always had low immunity to viruses going about, I swear I have a cold, flu or sore throat about half my life! Low immunity is a symptom of HIV or Aids isn’t it? No harm in getting checked out.

I didn’t want a test due to drugs or sexual promiscuity, as neither of those things is me. No, my worry is BDSM play parties. I play rough, blood has been spilt. You never really know if your play friends are medically fine.

The test showed negative, I’m all clear But I want to urge anyone reading this to get tested. It wasn’t a needle type blood test, it was a finger prick type. He just did the clicker against my finger and squeezed the dot of blood into a tiny pipette to use in the test. I can’t even see a mark…. you could do this test in a few minutes in your lunch break and your other half wouldn’t know unless you told them.

Go on, get tested please? Might save a life!!