Fire play

The weekend was fun, we went to a “peer rope” event in the daytime. If you have never heard the term peer rope, think of it as open adult education session, an exchange of rope bondage ideas and knowledge. I got tied by Husband, he’s a total rope novice, which is why we went to learn. I also got tied by a single friend of ours, he’s tied me before, but this time F is telling Husband how he’s doing things – step by step. After some cake it’s time to leave for a play event.
The rope event had been in vanilla attire so it didn’t upset the nieghbours, at the organisers request. The play event is far from vanilla, and they are strict with their dress code. I once saw a guy who arrived in jeans forced to remove them if he wanted to come in, even though he had no other trousers. Lesson of the day, read the dress code. It us about half an hour drive from where we are to the evening play event, and F is following us in his own car as he’s not too sure about how to get there. As husband is driving I get changed whilst driving. From gym leggings, a hoodie and a tunic top into a Hell Bunny dress, stockings, suspenders, high heels and lingerie.F had a puzzled face when we’d all parked up “you weren’t wearing that?” He say and I just grin.

This event is in a nightclub, but it is not open to general public tonight. Just the kinky. We played with fire after some socialising, which meant I had to strip and lean against an A-Frame and promise not to move or my long hair might catch fire. The fire play expert waves flaming torches (like fire jugglers use) over my skin, lingering near my nipples for extra burning. When I say burning, it’s more like scorching than proper burns. Husband is given the torch and shown what to do. The fire play expert is commenting on how tough I am, and how I’m giggling and smiling rather than grimacing, screaming or flinching.

Next up I’m allowed to do the same to Husband. This is fun, I’m an exhibitionist, he’s not, and there he is in black trunks in front of a packed room. Eyes are on us, I get to singe his chest and back hair off. It’s cathartic for me, I hate that chest hair. I didn’t leave him bare chested, but I certainly got a lot of it. I enjoy tapping him with the end of the torch and watching him jump and squirm as I move, like a sort of control game, with a bit of danger thrown in. The torch runs out of fuel and I help him get dressed again as I thank the fire play experts.

I like this game!

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