Get on your knees

Here we go again, my writing whilst still excited.

The husband came home at 6.30, he was meant to be cooking dinner for the family. Instead of letting him get on with cooking I am getting flirty. He’s only pissing about but he pushes gently on my head to imply get down. He wasn’t thinking I would, we are stood in the kitchen, the blinds aren’t completely closed, neighbours can see.
I smirk and drop to my knees. Poor thing is terrified someone will walk in on us, but I am laughing in my head.

As he starts to let himself relax and enjoy it he says “Bedroom. Now” I’m straight to my feet and we make our excuses as we walk past family and go upstairs. I continued the blowjob, could tell he was wanting this as he starts thrusting about, trying to facefuck me. I was really enjoying myself. The curtains are open, and we have massive mirrors, anyone walking past can see this and I like that.

On your knees” he says and he takes me from behind with me on knees and hands… It’s one of our favourite positions as it results in brilliant depth. He grabs my hair and pulls me upright so he goes further inside my vagina. Deeper, firmer, much more forceful and it is appreciated. He slips out of my pussy after I’m rather wet and goes up the arse instead. Taking it hard and fast. I am trying to stay upright but I am enjoying it and just sort of collapsed forwards in a submissive way as he continues. My nails are ripping across the bedding, and I am trying to muffle my noises as we aren’t alone.

He climaxes but I am not ready to give up. I roll over onto my back and spread my limbs. He carries on winding me up. Whipping me all over. My tits, stomach, legs and feet. Even a few whacks to the bikini region. I squeal. He tells me I keep the noise down, which is a struggle.

As he’s whipping I BEG for a fisting. He says no, but I am not listening. I want it, I’m having it. I grab his wrist and direct him towards where I want him. He pulls away and I beg again with the puppy dog eyes. He gives in and obliges. His hand pushes into my hole, but isn’t going after a few tries. I tell him lube now and in he goes. For a split second as the widest part of his hand enters my body it hurts a fucking lot. It’s worth it. Very Fucking Worth It!

As before, he wiggles his fingers and thrusts. I’m going mad, shaking, quivering, moaning. I get a warning about my noise but I can’t keep quiet so he punishes me. I think he pinched my cervix but I am not sure. I promise to try harder to be quiet and he carries on. Not just moving in and out but now twisting too. Sweet lord, I. Cannot. Cope.

I am so wound up. Why the hell was fisting not tried sooner? Since we first did this earlier in the week it’s been on my mind a lot. After what I thought was only a very short time he tried to withdraw – I reach down and grab his arm firmly with both hands. “Don’t Stop. PLEASE don’t quit yet” so he stays a little longer. He didn’t really have much choice, I had my legs wrapped around his head and shoulders and stuck my heels into him. Not over until I say so bitch.

I’m hysterical, and a bit more satisfied. I give him permission to leave, but grab him close and say thank you as he wipes his soaking wet hand right by my head on the bed covers. He leaves me on the bed as he goes for a shower. I try to behave, but it doesn’t last. I walk in to the bathroom, kick off my heels and get into the bath. Straight to my knees again and sucking his floppy dick. I’m still dressed, I’m wearing a lace “babydoll” dress with suspender clips, no pants and stocking. He says “you’ll get wet” I don’t care and tell him to shut up.

After a short time it’s going hard, and he’s getting into it. He’s never had a woman in lingerie suck him off in running water, I’m not sure many men have. I’m getting water in my mouth and nose, it’s getting harder to breathe but he hears me struggling and suggests it’s game over. Nope. I guide his legs away from the water just a few steps, he’s still getting scorching water on his back but I’m no longer being drowned.

We eventually served up dinner at 9pm. So much for a quickie.

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