I like writing about sex

I wasn’t sure how husband would take me writing about our bedroom gymnastics.
I didn’t ask his opinion as I just wanted to brag, a sort of exhibitionism I suppose. I want sex in public places with husband, but I’ve yet to fully twist his arm into doing me outdoors.
Personally I like getting busy in places like ancient settlements, stone circles, and other spiritual places like under a wishing tree.

I have done more things than husband, but I think he’ll like everything I do.. I just need to break him in. This is why I want to take him to munches, meets or parties. Pretty sure if he meets others he’ll come out of his shell. I’ve never been out as being kinky but I kinda blew the doors of that closet this week. Not only did I join a fetish website, I wrote about our Sexual fun. I decided was a bit lame to just publish on the fetish site, so I copy pasted the journal posts talking about fisting, penetration of all 3 holes at once, whipping and so on and dropped them in a real life friend of my husband’s inbox.

He was a bit shocked, asking if the writing was erotic fiction or real. He was ever so slightly shocked to find out it was real, and definitely aroused by it, asking many follow up questions. Was a right turn on knowing that people know.

If you read what I have written please do comment. I like knowing people are reading.

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