What am I doing?

Just a few days ago I shot down my own hard limit of fisting and made husband wear me as a glove, since then boom I’m a fucking sex addict.

This evening I told him honestly that I was sore from playing so rough recently bruised ribs from flogging, bruises in a nice pattern on my tits, extremely sore at the entrance to my vagina from being greedy, finger mark bruising on my ankle where he grabbed me so wonderfully tight. All the ouchies are from consentual fun and violence. I’m not blaming him or mad at him at all.

But I told him I wanted straight, normal, good old vanilla love making tonight. I made him promise to ignore demands for violence, fisting, glass toys, or anything else that would cause more pain. You see, when he excites me I make poor choices, I don’t think ahead. I only think in the moment. It means I end up hurt because when aroused my pain threshold increases. It’s his fault!

When we were in bed before anything started we had an argument (about housework) rules gone – it’s now make up sex which makes it more passionate. He listened kinda, he respected my request from gentle. I sat on his face and he moved his soft, and skilled little tounge about. It felt good after almost being torn down there yesterday. (A sexual encounter I didn’t write up, let’s just say ice cubes inside me are great, and so is the gush of water after they melt. But fisting with ice cubes, not so wise. It had made me contract so fucking tight I was as snug as a virgin. His hand didn’t fit, but I was tied up and not thinking sensibly. I just wanted the orgasms, fuck the pain,¬†bad idea)

After being on his face for a while he suggested if I wanted standard vanilla sex I need to stop sucking him and get off his face as he was getting excited himself. I jumped off so fast as I really like to feel him cum inside me. I’m so horny I NEED him to cum inside me, to allow me to feel finished, satisfied, to be done and calm.
He lays over me like he’s going to do missionary, but I put my foot to his chest to stop him so I can rest both feet over his shoulders. This gives a much better level of penetration, and I was desperate to feel him.
We have fun, not rushed or kinky at all…. just making love. It was a good shag. I should have been satisfied, but I wasn’t.

I said I was NOT done, and he’s strong at first, reminding me I’d said¬†no already. But I’m hyper, I beg for a fisting, I grab his hand and force him low. He submits of course, does as he’s told, and I have several orgasms. I am so horny, so wound up that I’m leaking past his arm and actually getting a damp arse from squirtting. It’s ridiculous, I have no control whatsoever and I’m pleading to be hurt. He’s changing between small, nice, delicate movements and really pounding me. I love being played with after he’s cum in me, I always have, but this is another level. I’m away with the faeries, shouting, moaning, grunting and screaming. Also a lot of grateful swearing. He decides I’ve had enough, I beg him to change his mind but its withdraw time.

My nagging means I twist his arm into more selfish sexual pleasure. He wanks me with a glass dildo and shoves a thumb up my arsehole. Squealing again, I’m enjoying this. More orgasms follow. I’m very lucky, I often have multiple orgasms from husbands hand-work. I grab his cock and start returning the fun, then he asks if I can finish with a blowjob. I agree, with how selfish I’d been in bed this evening I figured this should be just for him. I move down the bed, he can’t touch me. His turn. I move deep, I bite, I tease and I make him squirm happily. I can see him biting his lip, arching his back. I love him like this. He cums again and I move back up the bed for hugs.

It’s 4am when we finish, he’s got to be out of the house early in the morning. He’s going to have to manage at the gym in the morning on two hours sleep. And he probably is covered in bite and scratch marks. His personal trainer is not going to go easy on him either.

Sorry for stealing your sleep (again) but I did make you promise to stay vanilla, to reject my kinky demands. I blame you, you were weak, and I am a brave idiot.

I am going to regret this when the horny/hyper buzz wears off.

I think I’m a sex addict.

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